Diablesse SD11

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Rossetti Diablesse 2020 is built to be 20% more aerodynamic and 13% stiffer than its predecessor 2019, ideal for the best sprinters, offering one of the best handling experiences and efficiency mixing the performance of an aero handlebar and a position of race. the disc brake allows for a more aerodynamic finish without greatly sacrificing weight.


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Aesthetics and aerodynamic gain. After years of development and improvements, today the Diablesse allows to have a relative gain of up to 3 watts compared to its predecessor, it is more aggressive if we consider the permissibility it has to adjust the position of the cyclist on it. This means that the greatest aerodynamic advantage can be obtained with the rider’s position. We work in defined and aerodynamic lines as we also consider the best performance that geometry can provide.


11S Road RD

2X11S Road FD

1X11/2X11S Road Shifter/Brake

Descripción Detalle
Tenedor Carbono TORAYCA
Plato Subzero X1R 50-34 O 52-36
Manilar Aluminio 420 mm compact
Poste Carbono TORAYCA
Manetas Sensah Empire
Freno Mordaza hidraulica
Biela Biela SL X1 Subzero 170mm ó 172.5mm
Pacha Sensah 11-28
Tensor Sensah Empire
Descarrilador Sensah Empire
Cadena 11 vel 116c
Rueda Aluminio SUB ZERO 24-20 Rodamiento Sellado
Cubierta Vittoria Zaffiro 700X25mm
Sillin Rossetti Ergofit Peso: 148grs Color: Negro
Cinta Manilar Tipo Carbón Lavable
Cierre Rueda Trasero Eje pasante 12mm
Cierre Rueda Delantero Eje pasante 12mm

Additional information

Aluminio Rossetti, Full Carbono


L, M, S


50/34, 52/36


170mm, 172.5mm


Amarillo-Negro, Azul-Rojo, Blanco-Azul, Blanco-Rosa, Negro-Blanco, Negro-Plata, Verde Militar-Amarillo

Geometrías y Tallas

Size A B C D E F G H I J K
XS-48 455 515 74.25º 71º 405 71 573.5 45 98 371 508
S-51 475 530 74º 72º 405 71 577.7 45 111 379 531
M-54 495 545 73.5º 72.5º 405 71 583.5 45 124 384.5 540
L-56 515 560 73º 73º 405 71 590 45 138 390 562
Small Medium Large
51cm 54cm Large
169cm-176cm 177cm-182cm 183cm-192cm

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