At Rossetti we are constantly motivated and focused on search to develop the perfect equipment for the cyclist, the one that adapts to all days conditions and that meets high quality standards before being pushed to the limit.

It is a compromise to find material with the ideal texture, weight, thickness and technologies that adapt to weather conditions and adapt them to these garments.

The Stelvio collection mixes two trends, a basic one with sober and neutral tones. and another irreverent with unique and custom designs at the best Rossetti style.

Clean cut, without seams on the sleeves, without pressure points, all the adjustment is distributed and that makes you feel that the jersey becomes a second skin.

The sleeve designed for race extends to the top of the elbow, this gives comfort to any movement and prevents the jersey from losing its fit, it is finished with a non-slip system and tied with the COOL DRY fiber to give breathability without obstacles.

The fit of each of these Jersey is designed to substantially improve aerodynamics, its round collar allows to avoid that excessive material generates resistance or that there is even discomfort when we give everything on the bike.

The material used is mainly made of cotton and elastane, this means that it will be less affected by sweat and reduces the presence of bad odors accumulated between the fibers. Also its weave is soft with the skin and has an optimal fit for race, few wrinkles, few seams, comfort at 110%.


This microporous structure allows the evacuation of internal humidity and being in direct contact with the most humid areas of the body allows the direct evaporation of sweat and it does not accumulate as a liquid within the other fibers of the Jersey.