The new Rossetti Escarabajo is the ultimate lightweight road racing machine,inspired by Colombian climbers.Tipping the scales at just 857 g, this frame is the lightest Rossetti has ever produced. We didn't just focus on cutting back on weight though, the Escarabajo sets new standards with combining the best stiffness, supple comfort as well as a progressive and classic designs.

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Rossetti Diablesse is a world leader machine.

Design in the wind tunnel, the Diablesse outperforms the competition in aerodynamics, weight and stiffness. We use the most advance carbon fiber as a result we have the perfect blend in lightness responsiveness and durability.

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The new Rossetti Chic was designed with women specific geometry to provide you with a perfect balance of comfort and performance.Chic is one of the most aerodynamic and stiff bike on the market specifically design for women racing. . Its HM Carbon Fiber 40 Ton made by Torayca assures the perfect balance in weight and stiffness.You'll undoubtedly notice the seamless integration of the fork with the tapered 1 1/8 to 1 1/2in streamlined head tube.Rossetti Chic women racing unstoppable.

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Cross Country 29er


Introducing the new Rossetti Barracuda 29er It is without a doubt one of the fastest bike in the world. With internal cable routing, the frame weighs a mere 1.040 grams and features the Rossetti Conehead steering, BB30 bottom bracket. The Barracuda 29er is tailored to the demands of race oriented and tech-savvy riders looking for cutting edge engineering. The frame was modified slightly to provide a better cable routing and tidier looks than its sister Bertha 29er.
The tapered head tube design is more rigid (which is decisive for steering precision) and will give you a secure feel, even if you're riding in difficult terrain. Shock absorbtion is also enhanced. Plus, the bigger 1.5" diameter lessens strain on the lower bearing and increases durability. Oh and of course the absence of bearing shells will save you another few grams.

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Cross Country 27.5er


Rossetti Bikes 27,5er series, has a bike to suit every rider.

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Uncompromising performance coupled with cutting-edge technology and perfect aero design. No adjectives are needed to describe the TT Bond. Bond guarantees a perfect cycling posture to cheat the wind, thanks to its geometry designed to enhance the performance of time trialist and triathletes to the fullest.

TT Bond is born out of wind tunnel tests and experience acquired on race circuits; the design of the profiled carbon fiber tubes and manually assembled with “Laminated Carbon” technology, ensures a very low aerodynamic coefficient while guaranteeing the best possible efficiency in transferring the pedal stroke power. Cutting-edge technology, for beating the wind and defeating time.

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