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Top End Components.

Not only we make top quality frames, but so are the components we use. We use top of the line forks, wheels, and drivetrains. We work with mayor component companies to ensure these components work in harmony with our frames. Each part we install in our bikes has been meticulous studied to enhance performance and reliability. All our bike pass numerous testing in lab and in the roads by our engineers and professional riders.
Not only do we put the best quality components on our bikes in the places you immediately notice, like fork, or derailleur’s, but we use high quality parts in the not-so-noticeable areas like chain, handle bars, stem, bearings, and bottom bracket. You'll notice the difference down the road.


We are directly manufacturers, we have the ability to customize the bike specifically to your ride. Is not just giving you the correct frame size, we tailored fit each component, from stem length, handlebar width, reach and drop to crank types or length or cassette size or handlebar tape or even your preference in saddle type or pedals. Every rider is unique. So we will make sure the bike will custom fit you and not you fit into the bike.

Carbon Experts

Every bike starts with an idea. It comes from cyclists' needs and from our desire to create more efficient and innovative bikes. We Design, Test and Refine before concepts become reality.

In the last 6 years, Rossetti has been at the forefront of carbon technology and manufacturing processes, allowing us to develop lighter, more responsive, robust and durable record-breaking products for our athletes. Our designers continue to collaborate with independent experts, testing laboratories and engineers to foster new technologies and advance the performance of our bikes.

Design and Development
Rossetti carbon frames are all designed, engineered and virtually tested prior to opening new molds. Concepts are first validated by our team of designers to ensure that they integrate with the overall Rossetti principals. Our engineers then build a 3D model of the frame which can then be analyzed by the most advanced FEA and CFD industrial tools, as well as our own, in-house developed, kinematic and composite structure software. These tools allow our engineers to assess a frame's weight and volume, stressdistribution, stiffness rating, aerodynamic performance, suspension characteristics with regard to kinematics and spring rates, and fiber ply layup schedules.

Prior to mass production, a pilot run of frames is produced to validate all tooling and layup schedules. These pilot frames are then subjected to further lab testing, before being ridden in real world conditions. It is at this point that our professional teams and riders enter the equation, pushing the bikes to their limits and providing valuable feedback.


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