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PRO Series trainers are designed to accommodate 29er wheels; however, fit is dependent on tire size. Some 2.3" or larger MTB tires may not fit into the PRO trainer frames. Classic series trainers do not accommodate 29ers.

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You adjust the resistance of the Blue Twist manually using the switch on the brake, so you set it prior to your workout. The switch has 7 positions.

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Of the three Blue cycle trainers, the Blue Motion has the most powerful brake: a Neodymium magnetic brake. Even at a low pedalling frequency you can achieve a high power output; the maximum resistance is 950 Watt.

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The Blue Matic has been part of our assortment for many years and is very popular among novice riders looking for a trainer. During your training session you can use the handlebar resistance lever to adjust the resistance as needed.

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As the Bushido is wireless and can be linked to your smartphone or tablet , you can use this trainer for workouts wherever you are. Are you going on a training camp or is there no power point handy at your training location? In that case, choose the Tacx Bushido.

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The Flow Smart is an interactive Smart trainer with an electro brake. It offers intensive training sessions with a wide range of possibilities thanks to its open communication protocol. The electro brake makes this trainer highly accessible and ideal for keeping in tip-top condition during the winter.

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